Join me as I dedicate one year of my life to drawing. I am a beginner, so expect my early work to be rough.

1st Drawing 12/22/18

I warned you… this is a true blog of a beginning artist. I drew this with a green ballpoint pen.

2nd Drawing 12/23/18

Crappy! I know, but it is a start. I like the calm feeling I have when I draw. This drawing is mind doodling and not based on anything I was looking at.

12/23/18 Second Drawing

Bunny drawn from photo. I drew this one with the photo upside down to trick my brain to be more creative.

12/24/18. Epic Fail:

I told you I was being honest about my drawing skill, didn’t I? Another upside down drawing based on photo

Merry Christmas! My gift to you and myself is that all future drawings will be on drawing paper instead of lined notebook paper.
2nd drawing. Purple felt tip pen. Drew upside down image of a forest.
3rd drawing. This started out to be an image in my mind of the Baby’s Breath flower and well, it turned into the above.